Creating high value therapeutics addressing global unmet medical needs

Core Technology

Mironid’s unique Physiology Mirroring™ approach uses our deep biological knowledge of cell signalling to design assays that mirror the drug target’s conformation and environment found in living cells.

We can dial up and down the activity of key cell signalling enzymes to rebalance aberrant signals that drive different disease states.

Active Programmes

Building on our core technology we are developing and expanding our innovative, drug discovery pipeline to advance:
Novel ShoLo® compounds for the treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases.
Novel LoAc® compounds for the treatment of degenerative kidney diseases and cancer.
Development of the Company’s technology platform and drug discovery pipeline is supported by strategic collaborations with world-leading scientists working within the global University sector in combination with strategic outsourcing to specialist Contract Research Organisations.

Intellectual Property

Mironid® protects the exclusivity of its novel development candidates with robust composition of matter patent filings providing benefits and value to its partners.

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